Friday, January 22, 2010

Moving right along….

Let me present: Rumba!
A really cute rose. –Small. The flowers are small but powerful. The color is a bit difficult to place. So I keep this in a flowerpot next to a Purple Clematis. They usually flower at the same time. Giving each other a nice contrast.  It flowers for a long time as well. This one kept on until the snow arrived.


Origin: Poulsen, Germany 1958
Parentage: “Masquerade” x (“Poulsen`s Bedders`x `Floradora”) 
Flower size: 6 cm
Scent: Light and fruity
Flowering: Repeats well
Height/Spread 50cm. /50cm
Hardiness Zone 6.


And then we have: Blue Parfume

No.. it is not blue. Not even close. Lavender and dark pink, I would say. But here in my garden this rose has unfortunately been placed in a bad spot. The soil is too hard there. So it really does not grow much. I have to figure out a better place for it. Not very rain resistant either. So this is the only flower i have seen that was not spotted and ruined by the rain. But it is a gorgeous rose.  


Origin: Tantau, Germany 1977
Hybrid Tea
Parentage: ?
Flower size: 11cm
Scent: Strong and sweet
Flowering: Repeats well
Height/Spread 1,2m. /80cm
Hardiness Zone 6.

And I would like you to meet: Louise Odier

She is not fully grown in my garden yet. Still young.  And she has not convinced me why she is such a favorite in many gardens yet. But I am waiting for this summer to see what she will show me. Also, I think I might have pruned her a bit wrong. She needs to be controlled… naughty girl!


Origin: Austin. Britain 1993
Bourbon Rose
Parentage: “Emile Courtier` seedling 
Flower size: 7cm
Scent: Rich and sweet
Flowering: Repeats 
Height/Spread 3m. /2m
Hardiness Zone 5.

Source:  Encyclopedia of Roses. Hardiness zones USA

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